Camp Huber

We are SO EXCITED to open registration for Camp Huber 2023, July 21-23!

This year there is limited space at camp so please register as soon as possible!

This year’s camp will cost $75 per person. If this is a barrier, please fill out this form:, but also please register!

Register here:

Our mission for Camp Huber is to provide an affordable camp for those who have a family member with PKU (or an allied disorder). We know that formula, food, and medicine can be a financial strain on our families throughout the year and it is our passion to support our families with this family camp and to keep Camp Huber affordable to all. We never want the cost of camp to be a barrier to any family to attend and would like you to reach out if this is the case for a sponsorship. 

Camp Huber is not limited to Maryland Families. Any family is welcome to come. Camp Huber can be enjoyed for the entire weekend or as a day camp.

Camp Information:

  • Camp Huber is a family camp! All family members are welcomed and encouraged to join in on our fun weekend.
  • Adults are responsible for their own children at all times.
  • Camp Huber is in Centreville, MD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and accessible to people from different areas including Maryland, DC, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • Events are tailored to parents of children with PKU, children with PKU, and young adults with PKU. Extended families are welcome.

Some ways you can support Camp Huber 2023:

Thank you for considering helping us.

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Ajinomoto Cambrooke

Homology Medicines

PKU Perspectives

Relief Therapeutics

Camp Huber 2022 Photos

Camp Huber 2022 Quotes:

What do you value most about an overnight camp for your family? What does Camp Huber mean to your family?

  • “Opportunity to connect with other families.”
  • “Learning and bonding with other families, creating memories for my kids!”
  • “Spending time together”
  • “Opportunities to talk to others that understand PKU life!”
  • “We love our overnight weekend camp with family and friends.”
  • “Time spent with other PKU families to grow support system and educational classes”
  • “Chance for PKU kids to interact and meet with other PKU kids and make friends.”
  • “We look forward to this every year. We enjoy the weekend away with other PKU families.”
  • “Camp Huber is very important to our family. It provides us the opportunity to build relationships with other PKU families and connects us with needed resources. For our son, he looks forward to camp “to hang out with people with PKU.”
  • “It means that my son and family don’t need to deal with PKU alone. It’s a special weekend that we are able to celebrate my son. It also means that I’m able to say “yes” to almost all the food at camp.”
  • “Friends, interaction with other PKU people”
  • “Community”